Collection: Fabrics

To keep your clothes looking like new and eliminate bad odors you need to rely on Professional quality products capable of sanitizing, perfuming for a long time and protecting the fibers from the signs of aging and wear. From cotton to linen, from wool to silk, up to synthetic and technical materials and sportswear , each garment requires a specific treatment for deep cleaning at the first wash, but never aggressive on the skin.

LAVAVERDE® offers a line of hypoallergenic detergents and softeners formulated with surfactants of vegetal origin and with biodegradable substances with effective cleaning power, already active at low temperatures , helping to reduce the use of water and electricity. There triple concentration compared to normal detergents, it limits product consumption, represents a space-saving solution in the home and helps reduce the use of fuel for transport, thus lowering emissions of harmful gases into the environment.

Each product has been studied to sanitize, remove stains, deep clean and perfume , and is characterized by unique fragrances that last over time.

The LAVAVERDE® line dedicated to fabric care includes: pre-treatments-stain removers-washing additives, laundry detergents, softeners, fragrance sanitizer intensifiers, no gas.