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Citric Acid 500gr

Citric Acid 500gr

Descaler, descaler, softener, rinse aid

Citric Acid is a versatile, harmless and ecological product, an ingredient in many detergents. Useful for dissolving limescale, it can be used diluted as a product to spray on encrustations, but also as a descaler in the washing machine, as a rinse aid in the dishwasher and as a softener in the laundry.
It is an excellent, economical and ecological collaborator during household cleaning.


method of use: Dissolve 100 or 150 g of product in a liter of water to obtain a 10 or 15% solution
On all surfaces (sol. 15%)
In the washing machine and dishwasher as a descaler, 1 liter in the empty basket (15% sol.).
In the washing machine as fabric softener 100 ml in the compartment (10% sol.).
In the dishwasher as a rinse aid in the tray (15% sol.).

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