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Delicious Red Quinoa and Basmati Rice

Delicious Red Quinoa and Basmati Rice

characteristics and properties: There Delicious Red Quinoa and Basmati Rice it is a nutritious and colorful mixture, ideal for those looking for a healthy and tasty alternative in their diet. This product combines the scented Basmati rice , with its light texture and long, thin grains, with proteins hulled green lentils and hulled yellow lentils , enriched by the vibrant Red quinoa . This composition creates a perfect balance of flavors and textures, as well as providing a balanced supply of carbohydrates, proteins and fibre.

in the kitchen: The versatility of this blend makes it perfect for a variety of dishes. For a fresh and nutritious salad, simply drain the cooked product and season to your liking. The delicious Red Quinoa and Basmati Rice is also suitable for the preparation of creamy risottos, it can be the ideal base for warming soups and broths, or serve as an exotic and colorful side dish.

how to use: To fully enjoy the qualities of this product, it is recommended to rinse the mix well and then cook it in boiling water or broth to 10 minutes . For a quicker preparation, similar to Cous Cous, use a proportion of water and Sfiziosa Red Quinoa and Basmati Rice from 1:1/2 . This method guarantees a dish ready in a few minutes, keeping the flavor and nutritional properties intact.

ingredients: Basmati rice 36%, hulled green lentils 26%, hulled yellow lentils 22%, red quinoa 18%.


Delicious quinoa and basmati rice with a spring flavour

ingredients (x3 people) : 250g delicious quinoa and basmati rice, 1 red onion, 10 green asparagus, 300g boiled peas, a handful of edible flowers, extra virgin olive oil , a spoonful of butter, salt , black pepper

Delicious quinoa and Del Colle basmati rice with chopped chestnuts and sausage

ingredients (x3 people) : 250g of Sfiziosa Quinoa and Basmati Rice, 2 fresh sausages, 1 red onion, a dozen pre-boiled chestnuts, 1/2 glass Chianti red wine, 3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil (preferably new), Salt , black pepper
basil a few leaves.

Delicious curry

ingredients (x3 people) : 250g of Red Quinoa Sfiziosa with Basmati Rice, 200g of cauliflower, 1 onion, the grated zest of a lemon, 1 can of coconut milk, toasted sesame seeds, curry , oil , salt

Delicious quinoa and basmati with salmon and fennel

ingredients (x3 people) : 250 g. of delicious Red Quinoa and Basmati Rice, half an Onion, 1 Fennel, 200 g. Fresh salmon, to taste Salt , to taste Pepper , to taste extra virgin olive oil , 1 lt. vegetable broth or water.

€/Kg 7.49

origin: Italy-non-EU

exp.: 10/25

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