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Basmati rice -SPECIAL OLD MALAI- Extra Long

Basmati rice -SPECIAL OLD MALAI- Extra Long

One of nature's finest products derives its unique aroma and flavor from the particular soil and climate conditions found only in the mighty, misty land. Here begins the story of each bag of Lal Qilla traditional basmati rice.

Our trained professionals observe the crop to suggest quality improvement methods, starting from upgrading seed quality to the unique application of crop protection techniques.

Then the experts travel to large markets to select the finest grains available, ensuring that each cooked grain extends 3 times larger than its actual size, so you can enjoy the flavor of real basmati rice with an exquisite delicate texture, flavor and aroma. for which Lal Qilla traditional basmati rice is famous all over the world.

characteristics and properties : Long grains that remain well separated and dry. Delicate flavor and inebriating aroma.

Called 'long grain', its pearl white grain is the one that grows the most when cooked compared to other basmati rice (8-8.3 mm).

Grown on the slopes of the Himalayan glaciers, only the best beans are selected and aged for 1/2 years.

in the kitchen : Suitable for salads, curry risottos or pilafs, as an accompaniment to fish, meat or vegetable dishes.

instructions for use : Wash the rice under running water or soak it for 25-30 minutes in warm water. The right portion is 2.5 / 3 glasses of water for every glass of rice.

Cook over a low heat for about 8-10 minutes or until the water is absorbed.
Optionally, you can add 50g of oil or butter to the salted water. Wait 10 minutes before serving

€/Kg 6.90

origin: India

EXP. 12/26

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