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Parboiled Roma rice

Parboiled Roma rice

characteristics and properties: Roma rice is grown in the provinces of Novara, Vercelli and Pavia.

Roma rice belongs to the Superfino group. It is one of the most valuable varieties of rice among those on which the parboiling process is carried out.

Paboilization consists of a hydrothermal treatment of the rice still covered in the husk (external coating of the grain). Brown rice is partially cooked in water at more than 100°C, so that the starch present gelatinizes. The rice thus treated is subsequently dried and processed according to the usual procedure for normal rice. The grain of parboiled Roma rice is translucent, with a slightly amber color.

in the kitchen: Parboiled Roma rice can replace white rice in almost all dishes. It cooks evenly both inside and outside the bean. It is the 'friendly rice in the kitchen' because it easily forgives a few extra minutes of cooking and therefore requires less attention. It can be cooked, stored in the refrigerator and then reheated for consumption. It is suitable for risottos, pilafs, salads and side dishes.

instructions for use: Cook the parboiled Roma rice in water considering one part of the rice for three parts of water. Once it reaches the boil, add salt to taste and complete cooking over moderate heat for about 15 minutes.

€/Kg 4.70

origin: Italy (Lombardy Novara area, Vercelli, Pavia)

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