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Membrane pod drawer fresheners

Gradual release air fresheners ideal for perfuming drawers, wardrobes, bedside tables, trunks, but also cars and dryers.

The line of home deodorants and perfumers and LavaVerde fabrics envelop rooms and clothes with a pleasant sensation of cleanliness and freshness that lasts for a long time.

Smell is one of the first senses to be stimulated when entering a new environment and the scent of a room, of a house, remains in the olfactory memory even after many years. For this reason, living and entering an environment with a pleasant scent stimulates us and prepares us to be more relaxed.

We offer various exclusive fragrances created in collaboration with Givaudan , the largest company in the world that produces perfumes : bouquets with delicate floral, citrus and marine scents are born.

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