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Dehydrated pears

Dehydrated pears

A Concentrate of Flavor and Nutrition

characteristics and properties: Naturally Dehydrated Apples are an exquisite example of how taste and nutrition can go hand in hand. These apples, carefully dried, maintain the typical crunchiness of fresh fruit and a juiciness reminiscent of peaches and nectarines. They are prized throughout the Northern Hemisphere for their unique nutritional qualities and sweet, aromatic flavor.

rich in fiber and nutrients: These apples are an excellent source of fibers , mineral salts , antioxidants And vitamins . Fiber contributes to digestive health and helps keep blood sugar levels stable. Mineral salts, such as Potassium , the Iron , the Soccer and the Magnesium , are essential for bone and nervous system health. Antioxidants, on the other hand, protect the body from oxidative stress.

how to use:

  • Perfect like snacks natural, dehydrated apples are ideal for a healthy and tasty break.
  • In kitchen , they can be used to add a sweet and crunchy note to muesli, yogurt or salads.
  • They are also excellent for enriching desserts , such as cakes and biscuits, or as a dessert garnish.

a commitment to quality: By choosing our Dehydrated Apples, you opt for a natural product, easily digestible and without added sugars, which maintains the sweetness and intense flavor of the fresh fruit.

a unique sensory experience: With Dehydrated Apples, every taste is a sensory journey that delights the palate and nourishes the body. Let yourself be won over by their authentic goodness and their nutritional richness.

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origin: non-EU

exp.: 01/25

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