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Paccheri ORGANIC Bronze Artisan pasta

Paccheri ORGANIC Bronze Artisan pasta

A great Neapolitan classic

characteristics and properties: Our ORGANIC Paccheri they are a tribute to the culinary tradition of Naples. This pasta, shaped like giant macaroni, is a symbol of Neapolitan cuisine, whose name evokes the ancient friendly gesture of "pacca". Made with Bronze-drawn durum wheat semolina , Paccheri stand out for their generous size and their ability to embrace the richest and tastiest sauces.

how to use: For perfect cooking, immerse the Paccheri in plenty of boiling salted water 12 minutes . This time allows you to obtain a paste al dente , which is the ideal consistency to pair with your favorite toppings.

in the kitchen: Paccheri are suitable for special dishes and they lend themselves magnificently to recipes that require a pasta capable of containing and enhancing the seasoning. They are perfect with fresh fish sauces, meat sauce or simply with a tomato and fresh basil sauce.

commitment to the environment: By choosing our Paccheri, you support organic cultivation and agriculture that protects our planet. Our pasta is produced using methods that respect the earth and its biodiversity, reflecting our commitment to a more sustainable future.

a dish that tells stories: With Paccheri, every meal becomes an opportunity to tell stories of tradition, taste and environmental commitment. Bring to the table not just a plate of pasta, but a piece of Neapolitan history.

€/Kg 7.90

production: Italy (Calabria, KR)

exp.: 12/25

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