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More Licorice<sugar free> ROSSINI</sugar>

More Licorice<sugar free> ROSSINI</sugar>

Sugar-free licorice-flavored sweets

Rossini's sugar-free blackberry candies are a delicious option for those looking for a guilt-free treat. These candies offer the intense, fruity flavor of blackberry, but without the added sugar. They are perfect for those on a diet or simply trying to limit their sugar intake.

Rossini is a company renowned for producing high quality sweets. Their sugar-free blackberry candies are just one of the many products they offer

ingredients: Sweetening ingredients: maltitol, Thickener: gum arabic, water, liquorice paste, Stabiliser: glycerol, flavourings, vegetable oils (coconut), sweetener: acesulfame K, Colour: vegetable charcoal,

coating agent: beeswax, caranuba wax


origin: Italy

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