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Eucalyptus Honey - Beekeeping Roberto Arru

Eucalyptus Honey - Beekeeping Roberto Arru


"It is the honey of the breath and makes thinking clearer"🍯

Amber in color, with rather dark shades.
It is a honey with a less sweet flavor than other types and leaves room for a slightly salty aftertaste😋
Creamy consistency, similar to caramel.
Thanks to its enzymes, it significantly helps reduce body temperature and counteract the symptoms of fever🤒

Recommendations for use:
To combat a sore throat, heat the juice of a lemon in a bain-marie, mix two tablespoons of eucalyptus honey and drink warm👩‍⚕️

Against coughs: 👨🏼‍⚕️
Simply dissolve a spoonful of eucalyptus honey in a mint herbal tea🍃🍯☕

Perfect to accompany fruit or vegetables simply seasoned with oil, lemon and honey🍑🥗🫒🍋🍯

origin: Italy (Sardinia, NU)

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