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Igienoxi Strengthening LavaVerde

Igienoxi Strengthening LavaVerde

Oxygenating, sanitizing strengthener

Strengthener on tap adjuvant to active oxygen-based washing.

Added to normal detergent it increases washing power. It does not damage fabric fibers even after repeated washing, unlike common bleaches on the market. When washing or soaking, it acts specifically on the most difficult stains.

USE: To be added to the wash together with normal detergent: for 4/5 kg of laundry in the washing machine or by hand in 10 liters of water, follow the instructions: 10 ml lightly soiled, 20 ml medium soiled, 30 ml heavy soiled.

TIPS: Excellent results even on dry stains.

RESULTS: Thanks to the balanced development of oxygen, it allows, already at 30 degrees, to easily remove the most difficult stains such as red wine, blood, grass and ice cream. Its innovative formula makes it delicate on the fibres, safeguarding its structure during washing. Effective on whites and colours, it sanitizes laundry at low temperatures with energy savings.

INGREDIENTS: aqua, phthalimidoperoxycaproic acid, propylene glycol, parfum.


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