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Black Hennè 100gr

Black Hennè 100gr

100% Natural

With our Henna you can color and care for your hair with dyeing herbs and natural active ingredients. They are free of harmful substances and grown organically. Henna strengthens hair, keeps it shiny and prevents dandruff. Black Henna on light brown, dark brown or brunette hair with a few white hairs, the color obtained has cold and dark tones.


instructions for use: Prepare a mixture by mixing the necessary quantity of powder with hot water (50°) in order to obtain a homogeneous and creamy mixture. Apply to damp, freshly washed hair starting from the roots and massaging it with your hands, then gather it under a shower cap and a wool hat. The humidity ensured by the cap and the heat are important factors for the release of the color. To obtain colored reflections, leave on for about an hour; to obtain a more intense color, leave to act for two-three hours, then rinse with water until all residues are eliminated and the rinsing water is clear. Then dry with a hairdryer for 10 minutes to get a better result.

Over the following 24 hours the color continues to set and mature, darkening further. Where there is a good percentage of whites (above 20 -30% on the head) and to obtain the black colour, it is advisable to proceed with a double covering and reflection pass: the first pass with Red Henna (Lawsonia) for 10/ 20 minutes, the second with Black Henna (Indigofera) for 40/60 minutes.

Don't forget to protect your hands by using disposable gloves and clothes: henna stains are difficult to remove.

Ingredients: Indigofera Tinctoria Leaf Powder

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