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Green Aloe LavaVerde Cleanser

Green Aloe LavaVerde Cleanser

Concentrated Aloe detergent (up to 66 washes)

Concentrated liquid detergent on tap for washing, by hand or in the washing machine, all types of fabrics (delicate, dark, coloured, white).

It is ideal for everyday laundry.

It contains Aloe Barbadensis extract which, thanks to its emollient and healing properties, nourishes the fibers and at the same time the skin of the parts of the body with which they come into contact.

The Green Aloe detergent is also composed of surfactants of exclusively vegetable origin which are completely biodegradable and have excellent compatibility with the skin.

USE: In the washing machine or by hand.

FRAGRANCE: Fresh fragrance with Aloe Barbadensis extract.

We offer various exclusive fragrances created in collaboration with Givaudan , the largest company in the world that produces perfumes : bouquets with delicate floral, citrus and marine scents are born.

ADVICE: Recommended for hand or machine washing of shirts, jeans, tablecloths, sheets, towels and linen in general. Active already at low washing temperatures, it allows for significant energy savings. Try it together with the coordinated products from the Green Aloe line.

RESULTS: It restores freshness and shine to all types of linen and fabrics, cotton and synthetic garments, leaving a fresh, long-lasting fragrance on the fibres. It also has a sanitizing action.

RECOMMENDED DOSES: 4/5 kg machine wash or by hand in 10 liters of water.

7°f – 14°f 14°f – 32°f > 32°f
Little dirty 15ml 30ml 45ml
Medium dirty 30ml 45ml 60ml
Dirty difficult 45ml 60ml 75ml

The measuring cap of the 1 liter bottle contains approximately 30 ml.


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