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Fusilli Integrali ORGANIC Bronze Artisan pasta

Fusilli Integrali ORGANIC Bronze Artisan pasta

Authentic Taste and Natural Wellbeing

characteristics and properties: Our ORGANIC Wholemeal Fusilli they are a hymn to quality and authenticity. Made with short chain wholemeal flour , these fusilli are the result of a bronze-drawn artisanal process, which gives the pasta a perfect texture to capture any type of seasoning. Traceability is guaranteed by the BIO brand, ensuring a product 100% natural And without additives .

how to use: For ideal cooking, immerse the wholemeal Fusilli in plenty of boiling salted water 9 minutes . This time allows you to obtain a paste al dente , which is the ideal consistency to pair with your favorite toppings.

in the kitchen: Wholemeal Fusilli are extremely versatile and lend themselves to countless culinary interpretations. They enhance the most elaborate and dense sauces, such as a traditional ragù or a cream of porcini mushrooms, but are equally delicious with light condiments such as cherry tomatoes and basil. For lovers of experimenting in the kitchen, ORGANIC Wholemeal Fusilli offer the perfect basis for daring with innovative and surprising recipes.

a commitment to the planet: By choosing our Wholemeal Fusilli, you are making an ethical choice towards the environment. Our pasta is a symbol of responsible agriculture and a greener future.

the pasta that unites: Wholemeal Fusilli are more than a simple pasta shape: they are an invitation to gather around the table, to share moments of joy and to celebrate the richness of Italian cuisine.

€/Kg 5.69

origin: Italy (Tuscany, PT) Pastificio Palandri

exp.: 12/24

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