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Salt flowers with lemon zest 120gr

Salt flowers with lemon zest 120gr

The F ior di Sale is made up of delicate flakes of salt rich in magnesium which condenses on the surface of the salting tanks on days when the weather conditions are particular (no wind and no humidity).

The very light flakes are collected by hand with great care.

Il Fior di Sale SA.NI.MA. it is cultivated within the salt pans of the WWF Oasis of Trapani and Paceco, in a controlled environment, free of pollutants and respectful of all forms of life.
In addition to being very rich in magnesium, Fior di Sale is particularly crumbly and highly soluble.

It is totally integral , since the absence of processing (washing, drying) keeps intact all the minerals obtained with the evaporation of sea water.

The addition of various aromas (citrus fruits and capers) gives the Flavored Fior di Sale SA.NI.MA. particular aroma and flavour.


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