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Tuscan Black Chickpeas

Tuscan Black Chickpeas

Black chickpeas are distinguished by their particular dark color and their wrinkled and irregular surface.

in the kitchen: Ideal for traditional soups (e.g. the typical Apulian chickpea soup) or creative first courses (pasta with prawns and black chickpeas). Excellent as a side dish (boiled with a clove of garlic and a bay leaf) or in cold salads with vegetables (e.g. tomatoes, celery, carrots, onions).

It is possible to make hummus or burgers and vegetable meatballs which can be an alternative idea for eating chickpeas or for making delicious anti-waste recipes.

properties: Rich in PROTEIN, source of IRON, MAGNESIUM PHOSPHORUS, POTASSIUM Contains group vitamins: B; C; AND; K

€/Kg 3.50

origin: Italy (Tuscany)

EXP. 03/26

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