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Saponifera Clay Ghassoul 350gr

Saponifera Clay Ghassoul 350gr

Using Ghassoul means experiencing the sensation and having the certainty that Ecological Cosmetics is often superior to conventional products. We strongly wanted to focus on this wonderful gift from nature, which Tea imports directly from Morocco.
For many years, Ghassoul, in the Arab world, has been the irreplaceable element for all hammam (Turkish bath) preparations. A natural and organic mineral, this soapy clay is intended for the beauty of the body and hair, to be used as a cream as a hair wash, as a face mask and to delicately cleanse the body; softens the epidermis, reduces sebum secretion, regenerates the skin, eliminating dead cells, maintaining the balance of the pores. Recommended for sensitive and allergic skin, ghassoul cleans the skin perfectly, eliminating impurities, especially blackheads.
Ghassoul is an excellent hair fortifier and is recommended for all hair types,


method of use: Mix the clay with water in a glass, wooden or terracotta bowl with a wooden spoon, mixing until you obtain a homogeneous paste which will be applied to the hair, face and body with circular movements, then rinse with plenty of water.
The quantity to use is approximately one tablespoon for short hair and two or more tablespoons for long hair.

Ingredients: Moroccan Lava Clay

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