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TeaNatura Mineral Fabric Softener

TeaNatura Mineral Fabric Softener

24 washes

The function of softeners is to make the fibers of the fabrics soft to the touch.
Conventional liquid softeners, starting to work only after the washing phase, are deposited on the fibers giving a sensation of volume and therefore of softness to the fabrics themselves: the laundry is somehow wrapped in substances that will be in close contact with the skin.
The tea mineral softener scented with Lavender essential oil works thanks to the mechanical action of a clay, Bentonite, which has the property of relaxing the fibers of the fabrics. This clay is then mixed with Sodium Citrate which, by softening the water from the beginning of the wash, improves the performance of the laundry detergent.
It does not contain ammonium salts or surfactants and leaves no residue on the laundry and is therefore suitable for all those who are allergic to traditional liquid softeners.



How to use: The Bentonite clay contained in the Mineral Softener Tea, swelling on contact with water, performs a softening action on hand and washing machine laundry. It is important to use the product for the entire washing cycle. The powder must therefore be inserted directly into the drum, or into the detergent compartment if you are using powder. Do not put the product in the softener compartment!
Shake the product before use to homogenize the mineral mixture.

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