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Thistle Honey - Beekeeping Roberto Arru

Thistle Honey - Beekeeping Roberto Arru


2023 season ☀️
The thistle is a plant widespread throughout Sardinia; it begins to flower in April and its flowering continues until the month of May.
From its purple flowers our bees can obtain an amazing amber-coloured honey, with greenish reflections, with a strong and characteristic, sweet and persistent flavour. 😋 🙃
This monoflora has excellent digestive and purifying properties for the liver, and also improves blood circulation. 👩‍⚕️
Recommended as a sweetener for hot drinks such as herbal teas, tea and chamomile. ☕

It pairs very well with meat dishes and fresh cheese. 🥩 🧀

origin: Italy (Sardinia, NU)

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