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Chunky Cous Cous

Chunky Cous Cous

Tradition and Versatility in the Kitchen

characteristics and properties: Our Cous Cous Grosso is a celebration of the culinary tradition, recognized as a UNESCO heritage site, which has conquered tables all over the world. Produced with Selected durum wheat semolina , this couscous is the result of careful processing, which through steaming and drying creates perfect balls, capable of absorbing flavors and enriching every dish.

how to use: The preparation of Cous Cous Grosso is simple and quick, making it an ideal ingredient for those looking for practical solutions without sacrificing taste. For an ideal portion, use 1 cup of water for each cup of couscous. Pour the couscous into a pan, cover it with hot water and let it rest for 10 minutes . Then fluff it with a fork and season it to taste.

in the kitchen: Cous Cous Grosso lends itself to an infinite number of recipes: from fresh and light salads to more elaborate dishes. It is the perfect accompaniment to roasted vegetables, such as courgettes, onions, peppers, aubergines and tomatoes, but also to rich and flavorful stews. Its coarse grain makes it particularly suitable for dishes that require a more robust and satisfying consistency.

a dish for all tastes: Whether served as the base for a main course or as a side dish, Cous Cous Grosso is an excellent choice for those looking for a healthy alternative to pasta and rice. With its ease of preparation and its versatility, Cous Cous Grosso is a must-have in every kitchen.

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