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ORGANIC caserecce Artisan Bronze pasta

ORGANIC caserecce Artisan Bronze pasta

The Essence of Sicily on the Table

characteristics and properties: Our ORGANIC homemade pasta they are a tribute to the rich Sicilian culinary tradition. Their braided shape , inspired by the historic "pasta busiata", is perfect for capturing and enhancing the flavors of full-bodied sauces and meat. This artisan format, bronze drawn, is made with Italian durum wheat semolina And dried at low temperature to preserve all the nutritional and organoleptic qualities.

how to use: For perfect cooking of the Caserecce, immerse them in plenty of boiling salted water 8 minutes . This time allows you to obtain a paste al dente , which is the ideal consistency to pair with your favorite toppings.

in the kitchen: Caserecce are incredibly versatile in the kitchen. They go beautifully with traditional sauces such as sausage ragout or the Trapani-style pesto , but they are equally delicious with more innovative preparations. Their structure allows the seasoning to be retained in each spiral, guaranteeing a rich and satisfying tasting experience.

commitment to the environment: By choosing our Caserecce, you are making a conscious choice in favor of the environment. The organic cultivation of wheat and the sustainable production process reflect our commitment to a greener future.

a journey of flavours: Each Caserecce dish is a journey through the flavors and traditions of Central and Southern Italy. Bring to the table the genuineness and authenticity of a product that embodies history, taste and quality.

€/Kg 4.69

origin: Italy (Calabria, KR)

exp.: 01/25

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