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Autumn Thousand Flower Honey - Beekeeping Roberto Arru

Autumn Thousand Flower Honey - Beekeeping Roberto Arru

"Thousand Autumn Flowers"

This honey comes from the nectars of a vast array of autumn blooms, lots of it
widespread in the Austis area, such as Ivy, Strawberry Tree, Sarsaparilla, Yellow Perlina, Inula viscosa and others.
Its consistency appears to be rather compact due to the ivy, but at the same time easily malleable, thanks to the components of the strawberry tree, and at the same time
they give it a unique, intense flavor with a bitter aftertaste.

Its consumption in winter is very suitable to counteract the symptoms of flu.
Antiseptic of the lungs, urinary tract and intestine.

Vermifugal and healing, therefore indicated for treating mouth diseases.
It pairs very well with seasonal cheeses.

To be dissolved in hot drinks such as herbal teas, tea and coffee

origin: Italy (Sardinia, NU)

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